Care of the Soul - Psychotherapy, Consultation and Mentoring
Dr. Lukas Jaeggi
Dr. Lukas Jaeggi, Pasadena Psychotherapist, Pasadena, CA
Dr. Jaeggi is a licensed psychotherapist in Private Practice in Pasadena, CA, click the image to learn more about him.

Dr. Lukas Jaeggi, Pasadena Psychotherapist, case and program consultation
I conduct case and program consultation to early childhood mental health programs, day treatment services and residential treatment centers, click the image to learn more about my services.

Art therapists use different processes to support creative self expression including drawing, painting, sculpture and collage.
Talk therapy, art therapy, play and dream tending are some of the ways to aid in healing or growth. Click the image to learn more about how you can receive support in gaining emotional balance.

Find emotional balance in your life and your relationships. Dr. Lukas Jaeggi, Pasadena Psychotherapist, Pasadena Art Therapist
I provide psychotherapy services to infant-parent dyads, children & adolescents, and adults. Click the image to learn more about each service.

Dr. Jaeggi provides mentoring for mental health professionals in Pasadena, CA
Having a guide that nurtures the development of one's unique identity as a therapist through dialogue and reflection is important. Click the image to learn more.

Reading list for parents, therapists and administrators
Click on the image to explore a list of readings that you might find useful as a parent, therapist, clinical supervisor and administrator.


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